July 29, 2019 

Vacancy Committee Minutes

July 29, 2019 

Grace School of Theology

3705 College Park Dr., The Woodlands. 77384

  1. Allison Winter called the meeting to order at 6:32pm.

  2. Eight members were present:  Allison Winter, Betty Anderson, Marcus Wooldridge, John Wertz, Hartley Mackintosh, Samuel Allison, Bob Bagley, Larry Rogers.  A quorum was established.

  3. The committee was informed of eleven vacancies for the following precincts:

Pct 26 (Porter), Pct 37 (Porter), Pct 39 (Montgomery), Pct 45 (Spring), Pct 54 (New Caney), Pct 61 (The Woodlands), Pct 62 (The Woodlands), Pct 64 (Conroe), Pct 73 (Conroe), Pct 87 (Spring), Pct 95 (Kingwood)

  1. Seven Candidates were interviewed for precinct vacancies:

    1. Mary Funderburg (Pct 62) 

    2. Joni Shultz (Pct 87)

    3. Hannah Williams (Pct 45)

    4. Donna McAleer (Pct 61)

    5. Evangeline Reed (Pct 39)

    6. Kathy (Kat) Rummell (Pct 45)

    7. Ross Woods (Originally thought to be in Pct 26) 

  1. After discussion the committee voted to unanimously recommend the following six people at the next CEC for appointment:

    1. Mary Funderburg (Pct 62). Hartley moved to recommend Mary to the CEC.

    2. Joni Shultz (Pct 87).  John Wertz moved to recommend Joni to the CEC.

    3. Hannah Williams (Pct 45). Hartley moved to recommend Hannah by unanimous consent.

    4. Donna McAleer (Pct 61). John Wertz moved to recommend Donna to the CEC.

    5. Evangeline Reed (Pct 39). Marcus Wooldridge moved to recommend Evangeline to the CEC.

    6. Ross Woods (Hartley moved that Ross be recommended to the CEC contingent on establishing that he lives in Pct 26.  It was discovered that he lives in Pct 93 which is not vacant.)

  2. The committee moved on to New Business and discussed the following items;

    1. MCRP needs prospects for Pct chair vacancies in; 

      1. Pct 26 (Porter), 

      2. Pct 37 (Porter), 

      3. Pct 54 (New Caney), 

      4. Pct 64 (Conroe), 

      5. Pct 73 (Conroe), 

      6. Pct 95 (Kingwood) 

    2. Allison shared the newly printed “4-Star Voter” postcards that will be mailed out when searching for new precinct chairs.

  3. The meeting was adjourned at 9:04pm