May 30, 2019

Vacancy Committee Minutes

May 30, 2019

Grace School of Theology

3705 College Park Dr., The Woodlands. 77384

Allison Winter called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.

Eleven members were present: Allison Winter, Betty Anderson, Samuel Allison, Bob Bagley,

James Byers, Hartley Mackintosh, Reagan Reed, Larry Rogers, Brad Spratt, John Wertz, and

Marcus Wooldridge. A quorum was established.

1. A motion to approve the minutes from the last Vacancy Committee meeting held on March 25,

2019 was raised, seconded and approved.

2. The committee acknowledged the eleven vacancies for the following precinct chairs:

Pct 22, Pct 26, Pct 37, Pct 39, Pct 45, Pct 54, Pct 64, Pct 73, Pct 77, Pct 87, Pct 95

3. Four Candidates were interviewed for precinct chair vacancies;

a. Lynda Henry - Pct 22, Robin Dupuy - Pct 22,

b. Maureen Ball - Pct 77, Robert (Bob) Coats, Pct 77

After discussion, the committee voted to recommend the following as Precinct Chairmen to the

CEC on June 4th:

c. Robin Dupuy for Precinct 22

d. Robert (Bob) Coats for Precinct 77

Betty Anderson made a motion to give Maureen Ball our “Vote of Complete Confidence”. The

motion was seconded by Hartley Mackintosh. The vote was unanimous.

4. New Business:

a. Chair, Allison Winter contacted 27 Inactive Precinct Chairs in early May and encouraged

them to come to the next CEC meeting on June 4th. Fourteen responded with Gene

Williams from Precinct 64 resigning effective 1/1/19. Allison will try to reach those who

she did not hear from. As a result of the emails sent out, some corrected email addresses

were discovered and updated on the MCRP website.

b. We now have an online form on the website for resigning precinct chairs.

c. Allison presented a “4-star Voter” spreadsheet prepared by Bill Brenza to aid the vacancy

committee in identifying Prospective Precinct Chairs to fill vacancies. Post cards could be

printed and sent to “4-star Voters” within vacant precincts to notify them of the open

position and determine interest in serving as Precinct Chair. More information is needed

concerning cost, postage, and a list of only the vacant precincts.

d. To be in accordance with our bylaws, unapproved committee minutes must be posted on

website within 72 hours. After minutes are approved by the committee through email,

they will be updated on the website.

e. A proposed list of officials was established to ask in advance to install newly appointed

precinct chairs.

5. Bob Bagley volunteered to print the cards for the committee with his printing equipment which

could cost less.

6. Hartley Mackintosh moved to adjourn. It was seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:42pm.