March 25, 2019

Vacancy Committee Minutes

March 25, 2019

Grace School of Theology

3705 College Park Dr., The Woodlands. 77384

1. Meeting began at 7:06pm

2. Eight members were in attendance, making a quorum at the meeting. Allison WinterChair, Betty Anderson, Marcus Wooldridge- Secretary, John Wertz, Samuel Allison,

James Byers, Larry Rogers, and Reagan Reed.

3. John Wertz made the motion to approve the minutes from the last Vacancy Committee

meeting held on January 31, 2019. James Byers seconded the motion and they were

approved by the committee.

4. There are nine precinct chair vacancies:

Pct 26, Pct 37, Pct 39- (John Schaeffer passed away), Pct 44, Pct 45, Pct 64, Pct 73,

Pct 87, and Pct 95.

5. Other Business:

a. Precinct application forms online at Allison will make some improvements to the form.

i. Website should list CEC meetings.

ii. Betty suggested the voter’s registration link at Elections Central should be

embedded in the Precinct Chair Vacancy Application form. This would be

helpful to determine one’s State Senate District and House District. Allison

will do.

b. Allison spoke to Paul Gebolys about “welcome” packets for new precinct chairs

c. Allison asked Betty Anderson to give the Vacancy report at the upcoming CEC

meeting on April 2nd.

6. John Schluter was interviewed for Precinct 44 Chair. Additionally, Brian Crumby had

recommendation John for the position. John has run for Precinct Chair of 44 in the past

and has been a Delegate to the RPT State Convention. The committee voted

unanimously in favor of recommending John Schluter to be chair of Precinct 44.

7. The committee voted to adjourn at 8:42pm.