January 31, 2019

MCRP Vacancy Committee Minutes

January 31, 2019

Grace School of Theology

3705 College Park Dr., The Woodlands. 77384


1. A quorum was established with nine members in attendance.

  1. Allison Winter (Chair)
  2. Betty Anderson
  3. Marcus Wooldridge (Secretary)
  4. Reagan Reed
  5. James Byers
  6. Samuel Allison
  7. John Wertz
  8. Larry Rogers
  9. Hartley Mackintosh

2. Hartley Mackintosh made the motion to approve the minutes from the last Vacancy Committee meeting held on December 8, 2018. They were seconded and approved.

3. The committee acknowledged the nine precinct chair vacancies for the following;

  1. Pct 26 -  (Porter)
  2. Pct 37 -  (Porter)
  3. Pct 44 - (Conroe – Mindy Mack has moved out of precinct)
  4. Pct 45 - (Spring)
  5. Pct 64 - (Conroe – Darlene Barnett resigned due to a family situation)
  6. Pct 68 - (Spring – Robert Casey resigned due to grandparent duties)
  7. Pct 73 - (Conroe)
  8. Pct 87 - (Spring)
  9. Pct 95 - (Kingwood)

4.  Connie Conrad applied for chairman for Precinct 68. The committee interviewed her and Hartley Mackintosh made the motion on floor to approve her nomination which was seconded by John Wertz. The Committee voted to recommend her to the CEC.

5. The committee discussed the following items:

  1. Improvements to application forms online at https://www.mcrptx.org
  2. How candidate applications are handled and who gets copies.
  3. How newly filled precinct vacancies are updated at the online website and by the Secretary of The State of Texas.
  4. Precinct Chair Duties are now posted on the website.
  5. A new Resignation Form has been developed by Allison Winter to be filled out when precinct Chair will be resigning with the reason why.
  6. Paul Gebolys will be asked to provide new precinct chairs with info packet.

6. Hartley Mackintosh made the motion to adjourn and it was seconded. The meeting  adjourned at 8:07pm.