December 8, 2018

MCRP Vacancy Committee Minutes
 December 8, 2018, 10:00am
Grace School Of Theology
College Park Drive, The Woodlands, Texas 77384


Members present: (Quorum established)

  1. Allison Winter (Committee Chair)
  2. Betty Anderson (Committee Vice Chair)
  3. Marcus Wooldridge (Committee Secretary)
  4. Samuel Allison
  5. Hartley Mackintosh
  6. James Byers
  7. Larry Rogers
  8. John Wertz
  9. Bob Bagley
  1. Approval of minutes - motion was made by Bob Bagley from last Vacancy Committee meetings held on September 19 and October 8, 2018 with minor change to correct Hartley Mackintosh’ name.
  2. Bob Bagley made the motion (passed) for no 2nds needed for future meetings
  3. Seven Precinct Chair Vacancies:
    1.       Pct 26
    2.       Pct 37
    3.       Pct 45
    4.       Pct 73
    5.       Pct 84
    6.       Pct 87
    7.       Pct 95
  4. Brandon Lashley a former Marine from Georgia, was interviewed for Precinct Chair Pct 84. The current chair, Tuffly Lind has decided to resign. The Committee was satisfied that Brandon was well qualified to be a precinct chair and voted to recommend him as Precinct 84 chair contingent on the current chair (Tuffly Lind) officially resigning.
  5. Updates:
    1. The Prospective Precinct Chair Vacancy form is now posted online at and working well. 
    2. The Committee agreed to simplify the precinct chair duties.  Serving as presiding election judges is considered voluntary.  The Precinct Chair duties will be posted on
    3. A new qualifying question for prospective Precinct Chairs will be added- “Do you support President Trump?”
    4. Ann Kate has resigned from the Vacancy Committee.


The meeting was adjourned.