October 8, 2018

Vacancy Committee Minutes
October 8, 2018
Grace School of Theology
College Park Dr., The Woodlands. 77384

Meeting opened at 6:30pm. Minutes from last Vacancy Committee meeting on September 19, 2018 were reviewed and revisions were noted. Members present (quorum met): Chair- Allison Winter, Vice-chair- Betty Anderson, Bob Bagley, John Shaeffer, Larry Rogers, Karen Zeller, Hartley Mackintosh, James Byers, Samuel Allison, John Wertz, Marcus Wooldridge, Reagan Reed, and Rae Lynn Wertz.

1. Current Precinct Chair vacancies (12 vacancies) Pct 2, Pct 3, Pct 26, Pct 36, Pct 37, Pct 45, Pct 49, Pct 53, Pct 73, Pct 87,Pct 93, Pct 95

2. Prospective precinct chairs presented and were interviewed by Vacancy Committee. The following were recommended by Committee: Hartley Mackintosh moved to recommend to CEC: Pct 2- Cheila McKay, Pct 36- Paul Crowson, Pct 49- Orville Jolly, Pct 53- Tim Hayes, Pct 93- Ron Willingham. Passed unanimously. Reagan Reed moved to recommend to CEC: Pct 3- David Smith. Passed unanimously. (Six Vacancies remaining: Pcts. 26, 37, 45, 73, 87, 95)

3. Revise following forms: Bill Brenza will assist with setting up Precinct Chair Vacancy Application online with appropriate links embedded. Motion by Karen Zeller:

a. Strike the requirement to serve as Election Judge from precinct chair responsibilities from current requirement for precinct chair (note on the precinct duty form that it is a commonly held voluntarily position) Approve- 9 votes, Oppose- 3 votes

Under “Qualifications” inaccurate language was removed with regards to preventing those that are candidates or holder of elected positions, as it does not apply to an elected or appointed Precinct Chairs.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.