January 17, 2019

Montgomery County Republican Party of Texas

Technology Committee

January 17, 2019

7:00 teleconference


William Brenza, Chair

Joe Sager, Co-chair

Terrence Boggs

Brett Rogers

Call to order 7:05

Discussed the need for a collaboration tool. Alternatives were Slack and Trello. After some discussion the committee decided we needed to do additional research. Tabled until our next meeting.

Joe shared the new logo with the committee. It is now on the shared drive with read access for all to use.


The committee discussed the use “LeadPages” as a marketing tool for fundraising. After some discussion, we realized that we needed to wait for the fund-raising committee to give us more input. Tabled.

Advantage App. Terrence Boggs reported that he did not have any additional information. He will contact his sources and have the information for the next meeting.

The committee members will document their skills by the next meeting.

The committee will have their next meeting on the third Thursday of February at 7:00.