July 21, 2018

  • Best time and place to meet.

Suggested we look into the South County center (It cost $25 on weeknights)

Will try to poll members for best day and time.

  • Scope

    • Tech - Picks platforms and administers them.

    • PR - Sets content

    • Finance / fundraising - Tech committee picks electronic platform for donations. Makes them available to Finance committee.

  • Website

    • Look and feel - We design with approval of the SC.

    • Content - Information, event listing and contact methodology on organization

    • Donations - Platforms to use.

  • Facebook

    • Page - current info for general public

    • Group(s) - discussion format for party members

    • Live Streaming - used to provide info to people that can not attend events.

  • Mailing list

    • Internet - pick platform, insure meeting internet requirements, info to members on a regular (weekly, monthly) basis.

    • Text to cell phones - pick platform, insure info is captured ie cell numbers

  • Other social media TBD

  • Google office?

    • Email with names for positions not office holder ie Treasurer@MCRP.ORG. Helps maintain continuity when office holder changes.

    • Phones -  investigate phone numbers that can be redirected to office holders cell phone.

    • Cloud drive - drive for official documentation to aid in continuity.

  • ADVANTAGE program (TBD)

  • Voter database (interfacing problems) Names on voter database do not match mailing list. Ask for VoterID?

  • Next meeting TBD