July 18, 2018

Montgomery County Republican Party Minutes for Steering Committee Meeting, July 18th, 2018 McKenzie’s Barbecue, 1501 North Frazier Street, Conroe TX 77301

Called to Order at 6:53 pm by vice-chairman Reagan Reed.

Secretary Rachel Bingham took roll call.

Chair Dr Wally Wilkerson absent Vice-chair Reagan Reed present Secretary Rachel Bingham present Treasurer John Wertz present EC member Jon Bouche present EC member Brian Crumby present EC member Paul Gebolys present EC member Dale Inman present EC member Adrian Kaiser present

Invocation led by Dale Inman.

Business Conducted:

A motion with a second was made to approve the agenda. Motion passed with voice vote.

John Wertz moved with a second to add a Treasurer’s report to the agenda; Motion passed with voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report:

John Wertz gave a financial report, included as an addendum. John Wertz noted that Dr. Wally (in a July 9th email response to inquiry for access to financials) would be turning over the books “soon.” Several reports were due for this past quarter, including the Texas Ethics Commission(TEC) report this past Monday (7/16). After contacting the TEC(Ms. Jessie Haug), it was determined by Ms. Haug that former treasurer Landon Estay would be responsible for filing the most recent TEC report from approximately Feb. 25th through at least July 16th, or until Mr. Estay officially resigned as treasurer, with proper notification to the TEC. Timely filing of the 7/16 report was confirmed in a follow-up telecon on 7/17 w/Ms. Haug. Other reports that were due and filed according to and by Mr. Landon Estay (via 7/17/18 email) were for quarterly federal and state payroll taxes(for employee Melinda Fredericks). In that email, Mr. Estay said “I respectfully ask for patience. I am seeking legal advice as to how to proceed due to the fluid nature of everything, and I do not want to do anything that could jeopardize my license. I want to and will do the right thing by all of us”.

(Note: In the budget discussion below, Wertz moved with a second to demand that books must be turned over by 5 pm Friday, the 20th, 2018. Unanimous).


Dale Inman moved with a second, to consider nominations for the PR and Marketing committee. Motion passed on voice vote.

Dale Inman moved with a second to create a committee named PR and Marketing.Motion passed on voice vote.

PR and Marketing: *Raquelle Lewis Chair nominees:

Raquelle Lewis. Ritsey Fletcher. Fletcher’s nomination withdrawn. Lewis unanimous. Vice-chair nominees:

Ritsey Fletcher. Fletcher’s nomination withdrawn.

Precinct chair support: *Paul Gebolys Chair nominees:

Paul Gebolys. Unanimous. Vice-chair nominees: Member nominees:

Andy Nedrow, Ginger Russell, Mark Frank, Kelli Cook, Betty Anderson, Yvonne Wunsche, Brian Crumby, Maribel Frank, Jon Bouche, Terrence Boggs, Jodi Rounavor, Scott Baker, Pat Collum, Regina Durante, Susan Johnson, Thomas Barkley, Gary Centrich, Jill Silman Chapman, Lee Wilson. Unanimous.

Vacancy: *Allison Winter and Hartley MacIntosh Member nominees:

Betty Anderson, Marcus Woolridge, Bob Bagley, James Byers, Karen Zeiler, John Schaefer, Jodie Rounavor, Kathy Ross, John Wertz, Reagan Reed, Walter West, Brad Spratt, Ray Lynn Wertz, Larry Rogers, Linda Fox, Sandra Mobley, Marissa Rummel, Jill Silman Chapman, Ann Kate. Unanimous.

Rules: *Brian Crumby and Daniel Ure Member nominees:

Maureen Ball, Denise Boyd, Ashley Burke, George Hyde, Nathaniel Wells, Reagan Reed, Alan Moore, Pearl Maggio, Jill Silman Chapman. Unanimous

Resolutions: *Amber Shippam and Paul Gebolys Member nominees:

Larry Rogers, Ginger Russell, Phill Cady, Bill Philibert, Julie Vaughn, Andy Nedrow, Steer Baber, Paul Gebolys, Jon Oder, Betty Anderson, Russ Shoup, Pat Cullum, KT

Jackson, Jim Doyle, Bob Bagley, Mark Patterson, Adrian Kaiser, Karen Zeiler, Dale Fessenden, Orville Jolly. Unanimous.

Finance (renamed) Finance-Fundraising: *Susan Johnson and Terrence Boggs Member nominees:

Janelle Volkie, Bill Byrd, Andy Nedrow, Russ Shoup, Dale Inman, Wayne Mack, Larry Rogers, John Wertz, Gordy Bunch, James Byers, Dean Johnson, Lee Wilson, Brad Spratt. Unanimous.

Motion moved with a second to rename the Finance committee as the Finance-Fundraising Committee. Motion passed by voice vote.

PR and Marketing: *Raquelle Lewis Member nominees:

Paul Edwards, Margie Taylor, Jon Bouche, Jennie Stephenson, Dale Inman, Bill Brenza, Wayne Mack, John Wertz, James Byers, Terrence Boggs, Joe Sager. Unanimous.

Technology: *Bill Brenza and Joe Sager Member nominees:

Jon Bouche, Ann Kate, Bob Sievert, Sarah Kaiser, John Wertz, Paul Gebolys, Quentin Smith, Terrence Boggs. Unanimous.

Financial Review: *Mark Frank Vice-chair:

Andy Nedrow. Unanimous. Member nominees:

Maribel Frank, Kelli Cook, Jodell Whitehead, Landon Estay. Discussion. Motion made and seconded to keep Landon Estay as nominee (due to discussion on conflict of interest as according to the Texas Ethics Commission, Landon Estay is legally the treasurer until he notifies the TEC). Motion failed by a show of hands. Unanimous vote on remaining nominees.

Candidates: *Dale Inman and Joe Sager (changed to) Alan Saddler Motion made to remove Joe Sager as vice chair, seconded and passed. Vice-chair:

Alan Saddler. Unanimous. Member nominees:

Orville Jolly, Pat Shook, Joe Sager, Russ Shoup, Gary Henson, Brian Dawson, Sandra George, Bill Kercheval, Pat Tibbs, Pat Truesdale, Chris Wood, Lee Wilson, John Wertz, John Nicks, Cherry Fessenden, Dale Fessenden, Julie Faubel, Greg Parker, April Andreski, Chris Wood, Dennis Tibbs, Lee Wilson, Sandra Grossman, Suzane Adams, Gary Adams, Al Schlieske, Scott Green. Motion made to remove Greg Parker as a nominee. Motion not seconded.

Motion made to remove Brian Dawson as a nominee. Motion seconded. Discussion. Motion passed: For- 5; Against- 0.

Unanimous vote on remaining names.

Headquarters: *Dorothy Woodall and Pearl Maggio Member nominees:

Jennie Stephenson, Tuffy Lind, Terry Blackburn, including a pending list from Dorothy Maggio. Unanimous

Community Engagement: *Karen Pollock Member nominees:

Joan Martin, Ivy Guise, Bob Bagley, Dr. Marlen Tejeda, Jennie Stephenson, Julie Faubel, Larry Rogers, Paul Gebolys, Jon Bouche, Kelli Cook, Quentin Smith, Eric Yollick, Mark Frank, Janell Volke, Ginger Russell. Unanimous.

2018 Campaign Victory: Chair nominees:

Dale Inman. Unanimous. Vice-chair:

Motion made to accept whomever Dale Inman chooses as his vice chair. Unanimous. Member nominees:

One representative from each of the following- Republican Women Clubs(7 total), Patriot’s PAC, MCTP, Highschool Republican, Young Republican, Eagle Forum, Pachyderm Club, Mark Frank, Eric Yollick, Bill O’Sullivan, Paul Gebolys, Jennie Stephenson, Christine Russell, Adrian Kaiser. Unanimous.

Motion made to remove any name that occurs in a committee more than three times. Motion seconded. Discussion. Motion withdrawn for time’s sake.

Officer Nominations:

Parliamentarian nominees:

Daniel Ure. Unanimous

Sergeant-at-arms nominees:

Paul Cassidy, Calvin Russell. Calvin Russell’s nomination withdrawn. Discussion. Dale Inman called the question. Unanimous.

General Counsel nominees:

Jay Wright. Discussion. Unanimous.

Outside Counsel (Litigation) nominees:

Keith Strahan and Briscoe Cain. Unanimous.


John Wertz moved with a second to demand that books must be turned over by 5 pm Friday, the 20th, 2018. Unanimous.

CEC Meeting Scheduled:

Motion made with a second for the next CEC meeting to be held on Tuesday, August 7th, 2018 at 7:30 pm at the county commissioners building, with access at 6:30pm in event of Vacancy Meeting. Discussion. Unanimous.

Other Business:

Motion to authorize an additional website to go live. Motion seconded. Discussion. Passed by voice vote.

Jon Bouche read an email from James Dickey to the Laughing Jackass regarding ruling clarification.

Adjourned at 9:47 pm.

Agenda and respective emails included on the following pages.

Submitted by Rachel Bingham- Secretary

MCRP Steering Committee Meeting 7/18/2018 Agenda

1. Call to Order 2. Invocation 3. Roll Call 4. Approval of Steering Committee Agenda 5. Committees 6. Consideration of Officer Nominations

A. Parliamentarian B. Sergeant at Arms C. General Counsel 7. Budget 8. Schedule Next Executive Committee Meeting 9. Other Business 10. Adjourn

Email Exchange between RPT State Chairman James Dickey and MC SC Members

July 13, 2018, 9:46 pm

Dear Chairman James Dickey:

We thank you for the letter you recently sent to the County Chairmen statewide, which clarifies specific duties for both the County Chair and Precinct Chairs.

On 6/26/2018, the Montgomery County Republican Party Executive Committee met for our biennial Organizational Meeting and adopted bylaws by a vote of 39 for and 32 against.

On 7/13/2018 at 5:18 p.m., we received notification via email from our County Chairman Walter D. Wilkerson that he is claiming the authority to nullify the results of that vote because he believes that a 2/3 majority was required for the adoption of new bylaws at the Organizational Meeting. He is further claiming the authority to implement the old bylaws under RPT Rule 8(e).

It is our understanding that the 2016-2018 MCRP bylaws expired on 6/11/2018 so the new MCRP bylaws only required a majority vote of the CEC in attendance that night to be adopted. This was also the ruling of the parliamentarian, Jim Wiggins, who was appointed by Chairman Wilkerson to oversee the Organizational Meeting.

We are requesting an expedited formal clarification and ruling from the Republican Party of Texas regarding this matter. The MCRP Steering Committee will continue to operate under the newly adopted bylaws unless otherwise advised by the Republican Party of Texas.

Please see the attached emails from our County Chairman regarding this matter.

http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1102180030365&ca=29ee68e0-f6e2-4584-a761-7a85 1a6c2b7a

http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1102180030365&ca=2d7ad35e-f373-429e-a971-cc3c 634e3e52


Reagan Reed - MCRP Vice Chairman Rachel Bingham - MCRP Secretary John Wertz - MCRP Treasurer Jon P. Bouche - MCRP Steering Committee Member

July 14th, 10:59 am

Vice Chairman Reed,

Thank you for your email. RPT Rule 1f provides the Republican state Chair the authority to clarify rules where ambiguity exists subject to final clarification by the SREC.

I read your question as "What is the threshold needed to adopt bylaws for a County Executive Committee?”

There is no ambiguity in the RPT Rules for me to clarify on this. Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised specifies on page 559 lines 21-24 - "Adoption of bylaws through which a society is brought into being requires only a majority vote."

In the fight to defeat Democrats this November it is critical that each of us fulfill our unique roles and work together toward victory. I pray for wisdom and grace for all.

Please do not hesitate to email or call if there is any way I can be of assistance.



RPT Rule References:

Rule No. 1f - Clarification Any member of the Republican Party of Texas who discovers an ambiguity in these Rules may request in writing a clarification from the County Chairman or the State Chairman. Clarification from the State Chairman shall be binding on all members of the Republican Party of Texas until final clarification is made by majority vote of the SREC. Any clarification made shall be to maintain the intent and purpose of these Rules as originally adopted.

Rule No. 5 – Parliamentary Authority

Unless otherwise provided for by the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Texas, the statutes of the United States or the State of Texas, or these Rules, the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, which is hereby adopted by reference, shall be the parliamentary authority governing all conventions and meetings of the Republican Party of Texas from the precinct level through the state level, inclusive.

Email from RPT State Chairman James Dickey to the Laughing Jackass

July 17th, 2018, 9:24 PM


Thank you for your email. It pains me to see infighting in our local county executive committees. We are capable of so much when we work together towards our common goals.

The election code specifies the duties of the county chair. Everything beyond those duties as it pertains to the county party is decided by the county executive committee. I have been a county chair under bylaws that allow great latitude to the position of the county chair and I have been a county chair under bylaws that place great restrictions on that role. I assure you that it is not the structure that determines success, it is the people, the vision and the relationships.

As State Party Chair, I have not and do not take sides in matters of local county executive committees. RPT Rule 1f charges me with the responsibility of clarifying ambiguity in RPT Rules. I have been asked to do so as it pertains to the threshold for adoption of a county executive committee’s rules/bylaws. I responded that there is no ambiguity in RPT Rules and referenced a portion of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised that determines what that threshold is. That threshold is very clearly by majority vote.

I pray that the local party is able to work together and heal the fractures in relationships. There is great need to treat each other with respect if we are to succeed in our attempts at self governance both within our organizations and within government.

Warmest regards,


P.S. As for censure, the starting place for censure in the Republican Party is either the county executive committee or the Senate District convention.