July 7th, 2018

Montgomery County Republican Party Minutes for Steering Committee Meeting, July 7th, 2018

McKenzie’s Barbecue, 1501 North Frazier Street, Conroe TX 77301

Called to Order at 10:10 am by vice-chairman Reagan Reed.

Invocation led by Dale Inman.

Secretary Rachel Bingham took roll call.

 Chair     Dr Wally Wilkerson absent

 Vice-chair  Reagan Reed   present

 Secretary Rachel Bingham prese

Treasurer John Wertz present

EC member Jon Bouche present

EC member Brian Crumby present

EC member Paul Gebolys present

EC member Dale Inman  present

EC member Adrian Kaiser present 

             Business Conducted:

Motion to approve the Steering Committee Agenda passed.

Motion to consider item 5 (Treasurer’s report) by Paul Gebolys. Motion seconded.

Treasurer’s Report given by John Wertz.

Motion by Brian Crumby to separate auditing/financial review from obtaining information for forward movement. 6/11/18, focusing on forward movement. Motion seconded by Paul Gebolys. Motion passed.

Motion to authorize John Wertz to begin the process to conduct a financial review of the last biennium. Motion seconded. Motion passed.

Motion to dismiss item 6 (CEC 6/26/18 minutes). Motion seconded. Motion passed.

Discussion on item 7 (website and social media).. Motion to authorize the chair of the technology committee to have access to the website and social media accounts. Motion seconded. Motion passed.

Motion to consider item 8 (consideration of committees). Motion seconded and passed.

Consideration of Nominations for Officers.

Vacancy Committee: *Allison Winter and Harley MacIntosh

Chair Nominees: Allison Winter. Karen Zeller. John Schaefer. Jodi Ruonavar. Hartley MacIntosh. Allison Winter received the majority vote.

Vice-chair nominees: Harley MacIntosh. Unanimous

Resolutions Committee: *Amber Shippam and Paul Gebolys

Chair nominees: Jon Oder. Amber Shippam. Jon Oder’s nomination withdrawn. Unanimous.

Vice-chair nominees: Jon Oder. Karen Zeller. Paul Gebolys.. Paul Gebolys received the majority vote.

Rules: *Brian Crumby and Daniel Ure

Chair nominees: Daniel Ure. Brian Crumby. Nathaniel Wells. Maureen Ball nominated. Brian Crumby received the majority vote.

Vice-chair nominees: Nathaniel Wells. Daniel Ure. Maureen Ball. Nominations closed. Daniel Ure received the majority vote.

Finance: *Mark Frank and Terrence Boggs (** this was changed later in the same meeting) Chair nominees: Mark Frank. Susan Johnson. Mark Frank received the majority vote.

Vice-chair nominees: Susan Johnson. Terrence Boggs. Terrence Boggs received the majority vote.

Candidates: *Dale Inman and Joe Sager

Chair nominees: Raquel Lewis. Dale Inman. Joe Sager. Dale Inman received the majority vote. Vice-chair nominees: Joe Sager. Raquel Lewis. Joe Sager received the majority vote. 

Precinct Chair Support Committee: *Charlie Parada and Paul Gebolys

Motion made to rename committee Precinct Chair Support. Motion seconded and passed.

Chair nominees: Charlie Parada. Paul Gebolys. Mark Frank. Raquel Lewis. Raquel Lewis’s nomination withdrawn. Charlie Parada received the majority vote. 

Vice-chair nominees: Raquel Lewis. Paul Gebolys. Paul Gebolys received the majority vote.  

Motion made to recess for 30 minutes.

Resumed at 12:42 pm. 

Finance Committee: *Susan Johnson and Terrence Boggs

Dale Inman, with Mark Frank’s agreement, moved that Mark Frank be withdrawn as the steering committee’s recommendation for the chair of the Finance committee.  Nominations for chair of the Finance reopened. 

Chair nominees: Susan Johnson. Unanimous.

Financial Review: *Mark Frank

Chair nominees: Mark Frank nominated. Unanimous.

Bouche moved to table further discussion until the next steering committee. Motion seconded. Discussion. Bouche withdrew motion.

Nominations opened for Financial Review vice chair. Maribel Frank nominated. 

Inman moved to table discussion for financial review vice chair. Motion seconded and passed.

Headquarters and Volunteers: *Dorothy Woodall and Pearl Maggio.

Chair nominees: Dorothy Woodall nominated. Unanimous.

Vice-chair nominees: Pearl Maggio nominated. Pearl Maggio received the majority vote.

Community Engagement: *Karen Darcy Pollock

Chair nominees: Karen Darcy Pollock. Unanimous. 

Vice-chair nominees: Joan Martin and Ivy Guise suggested by Pollock. Inman moved to table discussion. Motion seconded and passed.

Technology: Bill Brenza and Joe Sager

Chair nominees: Bill Brenza. Scott Baker. Bill Brenza received the majority vote.

Vice-chair nominees: Joe Sager. Quentin Smith. Joe Sager received the majority vote.

Bouche moved to suspend further discussion on committee chairing until next meeting. Motion seconded. Discussion. Motion withdrawn.

2018 Campaign Victory: Charlie Parada

Chair nominees: Charlie Parada. Raquel Lewis. Nomination for Raquel Lewis withdrawn. Unanimous.

Motion to table discussion on vice chair. Motion seconded and passed.

Motion made to table further discussion on committees until the next meeting. Motion seconded and passed.

Adjourned at 1:44 pm.

Submitted by Rachel Bingham- Secretary

Agenda and Treasurer’s report included on the following pages.

  MCRP Steering Committee Meeting 7/7/2018 Agenda


1.       Call to Order

2.       Invocation

3.       Roll Call

4.       Approval of Steering Committee Agenda

5.       Treasurer

a.       Documents

b.       Bank Account

c.       Financial Review 

6.       Secretary

a.       Minutes from 6/26/18 

7.       Website and Social Media

8.       Consideration of Committees

9.       Consideration of Nominations for Officers

a.       Parliamentarian

b.       Sergeant at Arms

c.       General Counsel

10.   Budget

11.   Disclosure of Affiliation with Other Organizations

12.   Schedule Next Executive Committee Meeting

13.   Agenda for Next Executive Committee Meeting

14.   Other Business

15.   Adjournment


Presentation - 1st Steering Committee Meeting, July 7th, 2018 Treasurer's Report

 A treasurer, by and large, handles the finances/money of the organization. They have the fiduciary duty to care for that money. A fiduciary duty is defined as: the highest standard of care. The person who has a fiduciary duty is called the fiduciary, and the person to whom he owes the duty, is typically referred to as the principal or the beneficiary.

It is incumbent of Dr. Wilkerson, and his fiduciary duty as the ultimate custodian of the finances, to supply the treasurer w/an accounting of and access to any and all financial accounts of the organization. Despite the fact that the steering committee has been in office for well over a week, there has been no concrete attempt to meet to exchange information for which I'm now ultimately liable for.

As you've seen from the request for a Financial Review, and supporting documentation of email and mail requests to Landon Estay and Dr. Wally that I included in the request, I've really received nothing but what appears to be shifting of who has what and the postponement, with no reschedule date in site to transfer the information.

Therefore, I have no verifiable financial information to present to the committee, other than what unofficial Numbers Dr. Wilkerson presented to the County Executive Committee Meeting on June 26th.

Corporate Account: $ 51.48

Money Market: $ 35,219.00

Checking: $ 1,500.00

Primary Account: $ 36,953.00

Total Cash(incldg MM) $ 73,723.48

Other than the 2017 budget included in a package sent to Pct. Chairs several months ago, I have nothing else to present, other than to take steps towards a Financial Review, if and when I receive the information from Dr. Wally. I might add that this looks bad. It looks really bad. 

The bylaws were passed 39 to 32, with the chair, parliamentarian and legal counsel, all representing the chair and party. None of the three saw anything wrong with the outcome. Dr. Wilkerson needs to move towards releasing the information post-haste, so that we can conduct this Financial Review.

With that, I ask the Steering Committee to please give the treasurer the authority to begin the process of a financial review, including the cost, timing and deliverables of such a review.

Thank you.