February 11, 2019

In the February 5th MCRP CEC meeting there was a set of proposed changes to the MCRP CEC 2018-2020 rules that were referred to the rules committee. One from Mark Frank and 6 from the MCRP CEC Steering Committee. The MCRP rules committee meet February 11th from 7pm until 10:15pm. In addition to the rules members there were approximately 20-25 others attending and had lots of input from approximately 8 individuals.

1.       James Byers

2.       Marcus Wooldridge

3.       Charlie Parada

4.       Jim Doyle

5.       Paul Gebolys

6.       John Wertz

7.       Adrian Kaiser

8.       Susan Johnson

The rules committee decided to forward all the proposed rules changes to the MCRP CEC for a up or down vote on each proposed change. I am expecting the vote to take place at the April 2nd MCRP CEC meeting.


A big thank you to the rules members able to attend and provide input on these rules changes. Those members were:

1.       Brian Crumby

2.       Daniel Ure

3.       Maureen Ball

4.       Nathaniel Wells

5.       Reagan Reed


Here is a summary of the proposed changes that were voted on by the rules committee and will be taken up at a future CEC meeting.

  1. Bylaws shall not conflict with chairman duties outlined in Texas Election Code

  2. CEC Meeting Agenda confirmed by CEC

  3. County Chairman can call CEC meetings

  4. County Chairman presides at Steering Committee meetings

  5. Steering Meetings are called by Chairman or Vice Chairman

  6. Steering Meeting Agenda Confirmed by Steering Committee


Here is a LINK to the MCRP CEC 2018-2020 bylaws with the proposed changes added.


Brian Crumby

MCRP CEC 2018-2020 Rules Committee Chairman