MCRP Resolution Opposing $807 Million Conroe ISD Bond

Whereas Conroe ISD has placed an $807 million bond on the ballot which will increase local government debt and raise taxes; and

Whereas the $807 million bond proposal constitutes $807 million, plus interest and tax increase for citizens paying property taxes within the geographic jurisdiction of the CISD; and

Whereas the Republican Party of Texas platform states in plank 144 that, “Government spending is out of control at the federal, state, and local levels, and action is needed”; and

Whereas the platform also states in plank 170 that, “We in the Republican Party of Texas believe in the principles of constitutionally limited government based on federalist principles. To this end we encourage our elected officials at all levels of government to work to reverse the current trend of expanding government and the growing tax and debt burdens this places on ‘We the People’”; and

Whereas CISD’s spending is out of control, with the latest data from the Texas Comptroller’s website showing that Conroe ISD is already $1,136,590,000 in debt, which adds up to over $19,000 of debt per student; and

Whereas the bond would increase CISD’s property tax rate one cent per $100 valuation in the first year of the bond and three cents per $100 valuation over the life of the bond, despite the fact that we are taxed enough already; and

Whereas most of the bond money will not go towards building new schools, but will go towards waste, unnecessary projects, and short term projects that should be funded in the regular budget instead of using bond debt; and

Whereas the CISD bond election was scheduled as an off year, May election, when turnout is low, while the RPT platform in plank 176 calls for bond elections to be held on the November General Election Day when turnout is higher so more voters can have a say; and

Whereas the CISD bond is neither conservative nor fiscally responsible, and is not in line with the principles of the Republican Party; and

Therefore, be it resolved that the Montgomery County Republican Party opposes the $807 million Conroe ISD bond, and urges voters to vote against it in the upcoming May 4th election.