Resolution Condemning Deceptive Electioneering by the Republican Voters of Texas PAC

Whereas the Republican Voters of Texas PAC President Maritza Ghiselle “Ritzy” Fletcher and all of the founding members and Advisory Board of this PAC have been vocal critics and opponents of any and all members of the County Republican Party who have followed the rule of law and the rules of the Republican party in adopting the new MCRP bylaws on June 26, 2018; and

Whereas the Republican Voters of Texas PAC was formed just prior to the November 2018 election and worked to defeat any and all fellow Republicans who stand in support the RPT Rules, Texas Election Code and the newly adopted MCRP bylaws; and

Whereas the Republican Voters of Texas PAC endorsed some of the same candidates in the November 2018 election that Democrats were endorsing in non-partisan races and most notably did not endorse Brian Boniface, a known Conservative Republican and outspoken supporter of the new MCRP bylaws even though Mr. Boniface was endorsed by the MCRP in his non-partisan race for the Woodlands Township Board Position 2 versus a known Democrat.

Be it resolved that the Montgomery County Republican Party condemns and denounces the Republican Voters of Texas PAC and demands that they cease and desist their bad faith use of the word “Republican” in the name of their PAC and that they immediately discontinue their deceptive electioneering practices. Specifically we call for their President, Ritzy Fletcher, Vice President John Webb, Treasurer Linda Stuckey to denounce this type of destructive, divisive, deceptive, spiteful activity within the Montgomery County Republican Party.