Against Vote Centers

Whereas, organizations known as VAC(Voter Awareness Council) and the League of Women Voters, want to follow other liberal organizations around the State of Texas in reducing the number of voting locations in Montgomery County under the pretense of a “greater voter convenience” and “saving taxpayer money”,

Whereas, the current law for Vote Centers allows an eligible county to reduce the polling places by 35% the first year and up to 50% in year 2 onward,

Whereas,  according to Alan D. Vera, Chairman, Harris County Republican Party (HCRP) Ballot Security Committee, Vote Centers have historically incurred an average of 40% reduction of places to vote but have reportedly no reductions in compensation for election officials. In fact, a Public Information Request to the Montgomery County Judges’ office on July 29th(2019), found that it would cost the county nearly $1.3 million, just in equipment alone, to upgrade to Voter Centers(excluding costs for software, virus protection, cell signal upgrade, storage),

Restoring Trust and Integrity in Our Texas House 

“A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right, and evil doesn't become good, just because it's accepted by a majority.” - Booker T. Washington 

WHEREAS recent revelations concerning a meeting initiated by Speaker Dennis Bonnen to Michael Q Sullivan has caused many Texans to distrust our elected officials and government as a whole; and 

WHEREAS the substance of the recorded conversation of the meeting shows undeniable evidence of scandalous premeditated corruption, bribery, and subjugation with arrogance, malice and intent to undermine individuals elected to serve their districts, as well as hi-jack the Rule of Order in the Texas House; and. 

WHEREAS after the meeting was reported, the Speaker denied and obfuscated the truth about the premise of the meeting, the remarks he made, and the prepared list of 10 targeted representatives he hoped would be ‘taken out’ in the 2020 election with Mr. Sullivan’s help; and 

MCRP 242 Flyover Toll Resolution


The Republican Party of Texas Platform states that, “We believe that tolls should come off the road when the debt is retired” (Plank 211),


Tolling a highway after the road has been paid for constitutes double taxation, since the citizens were taxed first to build it, and then taxed again in the form of a toll,


The bond debt from the construction of the 242 flyover toll road has been entirely defeased by Pass-Through Toll Revenue from the state, largely due to the efforts of County Commissioner James Noack,


Since the 242 flyover has been paid off, it is unfair to require the taxpayers to continue paying for it,


County Commissioner Jim Clark has called for Commissioners Court to remove the tolls on the 242 flyover, which cost the taxpayers over one million dollars a year,


Opposing the toll roads will bring more people into the Republican party, due to the deep unpopularity of tolls with the majority of Texans,


Tolls are an important issue, which are not only opposed by the RPT platform, but were also a big enough issue to be placed on the 2018 primary ballot by the SREC,


That we call upon the Montgomery County Commissioners Court to remove the tolls on the 242 flyover and end the double taxation of Montgomery County citizens.

We, as precinct chairs and members of the Montgomery County Republican Executive Committee, formally call for a meeting of the CEC under MCRP Bylaws, Article V, Sec. 3, to consider the resolution attached calling for the removal of the tolls on the 242 flyover.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 20, at 7:30 PM, in the commissioners courtroom, on the fourth floor of the Alan B. Sadler building. If that location is not available, the meeting will be held at the MCRP Headquarters.

Toll roads are an issue of vital concern to the citizens of Montgomery County and around Texas. Far too often, we hear that once the toll road is paid for, the tolls will be removed. Our party platform specifically calls for tolls to be removed once the road is paid for. We now have a chance to hold our Republican officials accountable.

The bond debt has been entirely defeased on the 242 flyover. As a result, at least one commissioner is calling for the tolls to be removed. This is a hot button issue right now, and it is absolutely critical for MCRP to strike now while the iron is hot and weigh in on this issue as soon as possible.

The Republican Party needs to send a strong message that we stand with the taxpayers. No more toll roads in Montgomery County!

Attached are the signatures of at least 25% of the precinct chairs, the requirement to call a CEC meeting under MCRP Bylaws Article V, Sec. 3.

Resolution Condemning Deceptive Electioneering by the Republican Voters of Texas PAC

Whereas the Republican Voters of Texas PAC President Maritza Ghiselle “Ritzy” Fletcher and all of the founding members and Advisory Board of this PAC have been vocal critics and opponents of any and all members of the County Republican Party who have followed the rule of law and the rules of the Republican party in adopting the new MCRP bylaws on June 26, 2018; and

Whereas the Republican Voters of Texas PAC was formed just prior to the November 2018 election and worked to defeat any and all fellow Republicans who stand in support the RPT Rules, Texas Election Code and the newly adopted MCRP bylaws; and

Whereas the Republican Voters of Texas PAC endorsed some of the same candidates in the November 2018 election that Democrats were endorsing in non-partisan races and most notably did not endorse Brian Boniface, a known Conservative Republican and outspoken supporter of the new MCRP bylaws even though Mr. Boniface was endorsed by the MCRP in his non-partisan race for the Woodlands Township Board Position 2 versus a known Democrat.

Be it resolved that the Montgomery County Republican Party condemns and denounces the Republican Voters of Texas PAC and demands that they cease and desist their bad faith use of the word “Republican” in the name of their PAC and that they immediately discontinue their deceptive electioneering practices. Specifically we call for their President, Ritzy Fletcher, Vice President John Webb, Treasurer Linda Stuckey to denounce this type of destructive, divisive, deceptive, spiteful activity within the Montgomery County Republican Party.

MCRP Resolution Opposing $807 Million Conroe ISD Bond

Whereas Conroe ISD has placed an $807 million bond on the ballot which will increase local government debt and raise taxes; and

Whereas the $807 million bond proposal constitutes $807 million, plus interest and tax increase for citizens paying property taxes within the geographic jurisdiction of the CISD; and

Whereas the Republican Party of Texas platform states in plank 144 that, “Government spending is out of control at the federal, state, and local levels, and action is needed”; and

Whereas the platform also states in plank 170 that, “We in the Republican Party of Texas believe in the principles of constitutionally limited government based on federalist principles. To this end we encourage our elected officials at all levels of government to work to reverse the current trend of expanding government and the growing tax and debt burdens this places on ‘We the People’”; and

Whereas CISD’s spending is out of control, with the latest data from the Texas Comptroller’s website showing that Conroe ISD is already $1,136,590,000 in debt, which adds up to over $19,000 of debt per student; and

Whereas the bond would increase CISD’s property tax rate one cent per $100 valuation in the first year of the bond and three cents per $100 valuation over the life of the bond, despite the fact that we are taxed enough already; and

Whereas most of the bond money will not go towards building new schools, but will go towards waste, unnecessary projects, and short term projects that should be funded in the regular budget instead of using bond debt; and

Whereas the CISD bond election was scheduled as an off year, May election, when turnout is low, while the RPT platform in plank 176 calls for bond elections to be held on the November General Election Day when turnout is higher so more voters can have a say; and

Whereas the CISD bond is neither conservative nor fiscally responsible, and is not in line with the principles of the Republican Party; and

Therefore, be it resolved that the Montgomery County Republican Party opposes the $807 million Conroe ISD bond, and urges voters to vote against it in the upcoming May 4th election.

Resolution opposing MISD school TAX RATIFICATION ELECTION


Magnolia ISD has called a bond election for August 14th, 2018 with the following language:

“Approving the ad valorem tax rate of $1.3795 per $100 valuation in Magnolia Independent School District for the current year, a rate that is $0.10 higher per $100 valuation than the school district rollback tax rate, for the purpose of increasing revenue for maintenance and operations.”


Plank 162 Of the 2018 Republican party platform Property Tax Rollback Elections states:

We urge the Legislature to establish a property tax revenue growth trigger of 2.5 percent per year that can only be exceeded by a vote held on a November uniform election date while working to eliminate and replace the M&O school property tax.


Plank 176 Of the 2018 Republican party platform Bond Elections: states:

State and local bond election ballots should be required to include the amount of debt currently outstanding, current debt service payments, current per capita debt obligations, the amount of new debt being proposed, estimated debt service for the new debt, and estimated per capita burden being proposed. Any bond election (state or local) must pass with at least a two-thirds majority of voters to affirm the bond. The bond issue must obtain a yes vote of a minimum of 20 percent of registered voters. All elections of personnel responsible for adopting a budget and a property tax rate and all elections involving bond indebtedness shall be held on the November uniform election date and administered by the County Clerk or the County Elections Administrator. No public funds are to be spent influencing a bond election. We oppose bundling of items on bond election ballots.

Be it resolved that the Republican Party of Montgomery cCounty urgeds Magnolia ISD to change the wording of the bond proposal and place it on the November ballot, rather than A holding a special election to be held in August.