Committee Meeting – February 14, 2019

Logo • Will use the placeholder logo until we have new permanent logo

• Raquel will submit request for proposals for $200 to 99 Designs

• Money back guarantee

• Kelli will arrange payment for logo

• Need at least three options and a variety of formats


• Go Texans Parade

o Bill and Joe created a signup form for phones o First, Last, Email, Zip Code required o Birthday, Cell Phone number optional o Everyone can access this page from their phone

▪ o Bill and Joe are working on a technical glitch

▪ Address is one block right now, so zip code is not going in correctly

▪ Bill will be changing address to separate fields o Android – Pin to home page o Apple – Add to favorites o Will get a confirmation email asking for additional information o Brett Rodgers is doing video for the parade o Raquel Lewis will take pictures o Raquel Lewis will write an article about the parade (or ask Kelli to do it)

• Golf tournament

o Bill and Joe will work on landing pages on the website next week o Landing page holder is done o Will also be able to use as an ad o Registration page with online payment o Sponsorship page with online payment o Can accept credit card payments through donor box or Eventbrite o Can people come just to watch and purchase a box lunch? o When will the cash bar be open?

▪ Raquel will check with the golf tournament committee


• Snappa could make our newsletters look more professional and colorful

• Just can’t use for anything that needs a click-through

• Margie will continue writing Volunteer Opportunity Spotlights for monthly newsletter

Writing (Blog)

• Ramona will continue writing monthly blogs and posting on the website

• New York Abortion Bill (February)

• Conroe ISD bond (March)

• Future Blogs

o Socialism – Venezuela o Border Security


• No update


• Bill will create a video on using the phone to sign people up for the newsletter

• Bill has already done the video on the newsletter

• Contacts for potential future live streams

o Ramona will send Bill contact information for Charlie Kirk and Alan Vera o Raquel will send Bill contact information for Erin Anderson

Social Media

• Facebook - Montgomery County Republican Party of Texas

• Twitter – MCRPTX

• Instagram - MCRPTX

Mailing List/Contact Management

• Will cross reference the mailing list with the voter role on a monthly basis

• Bill got all people who signed up at the leadership workshop into the mailing list


• No update

Other Committee Updates

• No update

Next Meeting

• March 14, 2019 at 7pm

• Ramona’s house

• 20115 Sapphire Circle, Magnolia, TX, 77355