Committee Meeting on 09-27-18

Branding and Awareness

• Newsletter o Raquel will add newsletter naming contest o Raquel will add message from the chairman text from Reagan o Bill will certify mcgop domain for the from email of the newsletter

• Logo o Bill will send polygon graphics to Raquel for logo options

• Tagline o Keeping It Red o Keeping Montgomery County Red (winner) o Republicans are the Party of Reform

Marketing Resources

• Website o Affiliated Organizations

▪ Add Montgomery County Eagle Forum o Candidates Committee

▪ Bill will add a form on the website for Precinct Chair applicants o Candidates page

▪ Bill will check on the number of hits to the candidates pages

▪ If no hits showing no interest, will not populate candidates page on the website

▪ If there are hits showing interest, will populate candidates page on the website

• Facebook o 2018 Victory Committee Facebook page o Storyboard ideas needed

▪ Republican and Democrat views already posted o Clickbait ideas needed

▪ Required fields...first name, last name, email (initially)

▪ Include on Facebook

▪ Include in YouTube videos o Newsletter subscription video

▪ Bill will remind Jon to do voiceovers

• Instagram o No feedback received o Will not move forward at this time

• Email lists o Imported Victory Committee list into Mail Chimp with Victory tag o Have almost 100 original subscribers in Mail Chimp

• Blog o Anyone interested in writing a blog? o Raquel will ask the Steering Committee and find out if they want to have a blog o If so, which three people on the Steering Committee can review and approve blogs before they

are posted?

o Raquel will submit blog posts to Steering Committee for approval in the future, then pass along

to Bill and Joe for posting after approved

• Pop-Up Republican Offices o Does anyone have connections with real estate developers who would be willing to check with

them on vacant storefronts in strip malls we can use until the election?


• October 10th fundraiser

• October 18th GOTV event

• PR/MKT Committee will defer event responsibilities to the Victory Committee

• Raquel will offer support to events of other committees


• Outreach to candidates in MOCO

• Still need contact information for candidate in MOCO o Raquel will continue to gather contact information for MOCO candidates

Liaison with other Committees

• Any needs expressed by other committees?

• Raquel will continue to reach out to committee chairs to support

Next Meeting

• Thursday, October 11th, at 7pm at McKenzie’s BBQ

• Raquel will be out

• Raquel will cancel October 11th, communicate via email, resume on October 25th