Committee Meeting - 09-04-18

Minutes - MCRP Public Relations and Marketing (PR/MKT) Committee Meeting - 09-04-18


• Raquel Lewis

• Margie Taylor

• Chris Wood

Liaison with other Committees

• Discussed outreach to chairs of other committees

Marketing Resources

• Website o BB will add link to Website for 2018 MCRP Victory Committee Events Page o BB will add page to Website for clubs in the county (Republican Women, Pachyderm, Tea Party

and Young Republicans) with links to their Websites o RL will reach out to Victory Committee Chair to get a list of Women, Pachyderm, Tea Party and

Young Republican clubs in the county so all are included

• Facebook o RL will reach out to Victory Committee Chair and Vice Chair and find out if it would be possible

to post events on the 2018 MCRP Victory Committee Facebook page o Can visitors post on Victory Committee Facebook page?

• Instagram o Pending feedback from Community Engagement Committee Chair

• Email o RL will reach out to BB regarding next steps for voter ID field on email subscription form

• Texting o No texting for PR/MKT committee o Will reserve for the Victory committee for important election information

• Blog o Pending volunteer interested in writing


• Discussed outreach to candidates in MOCO o RL will reach out to Victory Committee Chair to obtain list of candidates and contact information

Public Relations

• Media contacts

• No need for contacts lists

• Will send any newsworthy press releases to MT for distribution


• Shared calendar for committees to post upcoming events

o RL will reach out to BB regarding posting all Republican events on a public calendar on the

website o RL will discuss option of downloading calendar for the month with BB o RL and MT will serve as administrators for the calendar on the Website o Only need the basic information for each event on the calendar

▪ Date

▪ Time

▪ Venue

▪ Title

▪ Link to event page on website or Facebook page

▪ Can also post on other websites

• MT will reach out to Community Engagement Chair regarding booth for event on Thursday, September 6th

Branding and Awareness

• Newsletter o Design

▪ Design in process

▪ MT will continue with design of newsletter template o Content

▪ Content in process

▪ MT will work on adding content to newsletter per committee discussions o Video to build subscriptions

▪ Can JB do the voice overs?

▪ If so, when?

▪ When can the video be ready for distribution?

▪ RL will follow up with JB regarding voice overs for newsletter subscription video and timing o MT will add profiles for all republican candidates to the newsletter with a link to their websites o RL will reach out to Candidates Committee chair regarding section in newsletter about getting

involved, volunteering for candidates o Plan to have a contest for naming the newsletter

▪ Post that we are having a contest to name the newsletter when we circulate the video to build subscriptions o Discussed considering request for donation of prize for winner

• Logo o Design of logo options pending

Next Meeting

• Schedule according to availability of committee members o RL will send email survey to committee members asking for availability for regular meetings o 2nd and 4th Tuesday or Thursday o 1st and 3rd Tuesday o Please reply by 5pm on Friday