Committee Meeting October 25, 2018


• Committee News o Victory Committee o Technology Committee o Community Engagement Committee

• Precinct News o Precinct 31 o Precinct 72

• Motivate the Vote event photos

• Other items o Register to vote o Donate to the party o Canvassing tips

• Newsletter naming contest o Raquel will send electronic survey to committee to vote on top five newsletter names o Pick five favorites o Raquel will include article in newsletter for public to vote on favorite newsletter name o Lock to one submission per person o Deadline November 15th Logo

• Raquel will prepare article for logo contest for October newsletter o Submissions must be sketched o No more than three colors o For any text, please include name of font o Deadline November 15th Tagline

• Keeping Montgomery County Red Website

• Volunteer Page o Add volunteer options o Raquel will send list of volunteer options to Bill for website o Bill will add volunteer options to website o Bill will test options for contacts adding or removing themselves from categories on mailing list o Make phone calls o Block walking o Assist with special events o Serve as election worker o Assist on a specific committee (please include in notes below) o Work at Republican headquarters o Help with anything that is needed

• Anyone interested in writing a blog?