Committee Meeting June 13, 2019


• Go through the Texas SOS to file a trademark application

• It's a $50 fee


• Bill will get the trademark application completed and submitted


• Golf Tournament

o Raquel will send the flyer to Joe and ask to have it converted so we can send out the

email blast

o Registration forms are complete

▪ Individual golfer

▪ Foursome

▪ Sponsorship

▪ Underwriting an event

▪ Registration reports are going to Cheila

o Employment information is required on Donor Box payment page

▪ Donor Box payment reports are going to John

o Volunteers

▪ Raquel will prepare email blast to recruit volunteers for the MCRP

▪ 2020 volunteers needed

▪ “Update your preferences” to add your volunteer preferences

• July 4th

o Bill and Chris will be live streaming the event

• Others?

• Leadership Institute Candidate School in Coldspring has been cancelled


• Content

o Need to remove the link from MCP.TV

• Newsletter magazine

o Not an option at this point

• July 4th event with pictures

• Legislative Session in Review

o Get information from Dickey to include

o John will send presentations, if he has

o Everyone will send any content suggestions to Raquel before the 25th


• Bill will add any elected official reports as a blog

• Raquel will remove the blog section from the newsletter


• Candidate resources

• Precinct chair resources

o Can add multiple items under the precinct chair page on the website

• Google calendar link

o Raquel will review the information sent by Bill


• Precinct chair name tags

• Precinct chair business cards

• Bill will reach out to Vistaprint to find out our options

• Either precinct chairs order from template themselves or precinct chairs fill out a form and pay

and someone else submits the order

• Push cards

• Door hangers (same content as trifold)


• Chris is working on a Hispanic outreach product with Nelson

Social Media

Mailing List/Contact Management

• Area chairs have been tagged in Mailchimp

• All precinct chairs have been tagged with their areas

• Raquel will send Allied Organizations list to Bill to add to Mailchimp

Red Welcome Wagon

Online Library

Republican Businesses


Updates from Other Committees


• Allison is sending out post cards to hard R’s in each precinct that has a vacant precinct chair


Community Outreach

• Raquel will reach out to Karen Darcy and Bob Bagley (copy Chris) and introduce them to Chris

and mention Hispanic outreach efforts

2020 Victory

• Raquel will add collection of election information to next newsletter

New Business

Next Meeting

• Thursday, July 11, 2019

• Cheila will reserve a room at the Woodlands Library for next meeting

• Cheila and Chris will look into different locations for monthly PR/MKT committee meetings

Committee Meeting October 25, 2018


• Committee News o Victory Committee o Technology Committee o Community Engagement Committee

• Precinct News o Precinct 31 o Precinct 72

• Motivate the Vote event photos

• Other items o Register to vote o Donate to the party o Canvassing tips

• Newsletter naming contest o Raquel will send electronic survey to committee to vote on top five newsletter names o Pick five favorites o Raquel will include article in newsletter for public to vote on favorite newsletter name o Lock to one submission per person o Deadline November 15th Logo

Committee Meeting on 09-27-18

Branding and Awareness

• Newsletter o Raquel will add newsletter naming contest o Raquel will add message from the chairman text from Reagan o Bill will certify mcgop domain for the from email of the newsletter

• Logo o Bill will send polygon graphics to Raquel for logo options

• Tagline o Keeping It Red o Keeping Montgomery County Red (winner) o Republicans are the Party of Reform

Meeting - 08-28-18

Minutes - MCRP Public Relations and Marketing Committee Meeting


• Raquel Lewis

• Margie Taylor

• Bill Brenza

• Julie Faubel

Role & Scope of Committee

• Assist other committees with marketing and public relations tasks o RL will reach out to other committee chairs

• Community engagement

• Sharing happenings in the party

• Sharing happenings with candidates

Liaison with other Committees

• Candidates

• Community Engagement

• Outreach

• Technology

• Victory

Marketing Resources

• Website o New website at o Official events only on the website’s calendar o Other events on social media

• Facebook o Creating an ad for the Victory Committee o Creating a Facebook page for the Victory Committee

▪ BB will create Facebook page for Victory Committee o Share Facebook posts

• Instagram o RL will reach out to Community Engagement chair regarding use of Instagram at community


• Email o Technology Committee has created an email list

▪ Using Mailchimp as email marketing program

▪ Groups which will run an ad announcing the new and improved Newsletter

• Eagle Forum

• Tea Party

• Patriots Pac

▪ Email list signup currently supported on the new website

• Required fields for email list subscription

• First

• Middle

• Last

• Cell

• Land Line

• Street Address

• Email Address

• BB will create a link which can be shared on social media to build mailing list

• Texting o Victory committee has the capabilities to text o Joe Sager is texting to a group of people

▪ Where did the list come from?

▪ Who is on the list?

▪ Need to implement an opt-out process for text messages

▪ RL will reach out to Joe to obtain information on text list

• Mail o No mail

• In Person o Through Community Engagement committee and other events

• Blog o Currently posting minutes from each committee meeting o Is anyone interested in writing a blog for the website?

Issues in County Party

• Committee will stay neutral

• We need to reach out to some of the candidates who think we are not supporting them

• We support all republican candidates

• RL will reach out to the candidates o Introduce self as PR / Marketing Committee chair o Here to support them o We are starting a newsletter o If you have upcoming events or news to include, please pass along o Who is interested in collecting a list of MOCO candidates with email and other contact


Public Relations

• PR connections

• Any press release needs to have an action

• Margie can send out emails to her contacts

• Who can gather and prepare a list of media publications with public contact information?


• Kelli Cook is collecting information for events in MOCO as part of the Victory Committee o Has created a Facebook page for Community Engagement (closed group)

▪ Montgomery County Republican Community Engagements

o Need a tent, tables and chairs

▪ Karen Darcy Pawlak (Community Engagement Chair) has these items o Discuss creating shared calendar so committees can see and post MOCO upcoming events

Branding and Awareness

• Rebranding the MOCO Party

• Newsletter o PR/MC committee will design and develop content for the newsletter

▪ Who is interested in designing newsletter template?

▪ Who is interested in developing content? o How often can we send it out

▪ Monthly, maybe biweekly at the most o Timeline

▪ September 22nd o What is the content?

▪ Candidates

▪ Upcoming events

▪ Calendar

▪ Fundraisers

▪ Voter registration

▪ Over 65, can vote by mail

▪ Election information and a link to ballot

▪ Am I registered? o RL will reach out to other committee chairs to gather information for newsletter o Mailchimp has an opt in requirement o Not charging for emails o BB will look into translation to Spanish for newsletter on website

• Logo o Contest for new logo? o RL will reach out to designer to create options for new logo

• Name of Newsletter o Consider contest to name newsletter

Get out the Vote

• Discussed contest among Precinct Chairs o Who can get the most voters to the polls

Committee Meetings

• Posted on calendar on Website

• 1st & 3rd Thursday – Technology Committee

Next Meeting

• Tuesday, September 4th, at 7pm at McKenzie’s BBQ o RL will send notification to committee for scheduling of next committee meeting