Montgomery County, Texas, Republican Party

The Precinct Chair represents the smallest unit of the organization yet one of the most important! The Precinct Chair's performance has a profound effect on the overall strength, influence and success of the County Party.  Elections can be won or lost in the voting precincts at the grassroots level.


To be eligible to be a candidate for or to serve as a Precinct Chairman, a person must be a qualified voter residing within the bounds of the precinct represented and that person must have voted in the most recent prior Republican primary or take the Oath of Affiliation of Political Party.  Precinct Chairs are chosen by the Precinct's Republican Primary voters at the biennial General Primary Election. Together with the County Chair, who is chosen by the County Republican Primary voters at the biennial General Primary election, the Precinct Chairs constitute the Republican County Executive Committee. The term of office for both Party positions is two years. During the biennium, a vacant Precinct Chair position may be filled by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Make a sincere effort to attend four (4) required quarterly meetings per year and any called meetings of the County Executive Committee. If a Precinct Chair fails to attend four consecutive CEC meetings, they may be subject to removal as a Precinct Chair.

  2. Attend Precinct Chair training when offered.

  3. Participate in the Party's General election Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) program by block walking precinct before election, emailing, or phone calling, social media outreach, etc. This becomes a helpful working tool to get conservatives elected.    

  4. Support the General election Republican candidates.

  5. During the spring Primary (in even years) serve as the Temporary and/or Permanent Chair for your Republican Precinct Convention as well as provide leadership for your precinct's delegation to the biennial Senatorial District convention.

Note:  While not a duty or requirement, serving as an Elections Judge is a commonly held voluntary position if a Precinct Chair desires to serve in that capacity.  Both Elections judge and clerks are paid for working on Election Day and for the one-hour required training which is held at Elections Central.