April 2nd, 2018

Montgomery County Republican Party

Minutes for the County Executive Committee Meeting, April 2nd, 2018

Alan B. Sadler Commissioners Court Building, 4th Floor

501 N Thompson Street, Conroe Texas

 Chairman, Dr. Wilkerson, called the meeting to order at 7:33 pm.

 The invocation was led by Tom Hughes (pct 48).

The Pledges of Allegiance to the United States flag and to the Texas flag were led by Hartley Mackintosh.

Quorum: 22 chairs required; 42 present. (Note: filling precinct 44 brought the attendance to 43.)

Business Conducted:

Approval of the agenda:

Marcus Wooldridge (pct 91) moved with a second (who?) that a vote of non confidence be taken regarding the chairman, Dr. Wilkerson. Paul Gebolys (pct 4) spoke against. Marcus Wooldridge (pct 91) spoke for.

Brian Crumby (pct 13) moved with a second that Marcus Wooldridge (pct 91) that withdraw his motion. Wooldridge stated that his motion remained as stated. Phil Cady (pct 25) spoke. The motion to take a vote of non confidence failed by a standing vote.

A motion was made with a second to approve the agenda.

Approval of the minutes:

A motion was made with a second to approve the minutes from 2/5/19 and 3/11/19.

Treasurer’s Report:

In the absence of Treasurer, John Wertz (pct 69), vice chair Reagan Reed (pct 50) presented the report John Wertz gave the Steering Committee on 3/30/19.

SREC Report:

Judy Parada (SD 3) shared a report.

Committee Reports:

Betty Anderson (pct 31) in the absence of CHAIR Allison Winter (pct 59) shared a report from the vacancy committee, stating that the current vacancies are 26, 37, 39, 44, 45, 69, 73, 87 and 95. And the committee recommended John Schluter (of pct 44). The motion passed as a voice vote. Betty Anderson (pct 31) administered the oath to John Schluter.

Paul Gebolys (pct 4), chair of the Precinct Chair Support, shared a report. Bill Brenza, chair of the Technology Committee, shared a report. Raquel Lewis, chair of the PR/Marketing Committee, shared a report. Andy Nedrow (pct 60) made a motion with a second by Paul Gebolys (pct 4) to approve the logo. The motion passed by a voice vote. Karen Darcy Pawlak, chair of the Community Engagement committee, shared a report. Kelli Cook, chair of the Finance/Fundraising Committee shared a report.

Add Members to Committees/2020 Victory Committee:

Jon Bouche (pct 35) presented the Steering Committee Report on committee nominations. (see attached) Allen Moore requested to remain on the Rules Committee; Kathryn Ross requested to be removed from the report. A motion was made with a second to approve the entire steering committee report as amended with a second and passed by a voice vote.

Bylaw Amendments:

Marcus Wooldridge (pct 91) moved to vote on the proposed amendments as a secret ballot; the motion failed for lack of a second. Reagan Reed (pct 50) moved with a second to call for a roll call vote; the motion passed by a voice vote.

Paul Gebolys (pct 4) moved with a second by Andy Nedrow (pct 60) to vote on the Rules Committee report as a whole.

Discussion on the Rules Committee report (by-law amendments): Marcus Wooldridge (pct 91) spoke against; Phil Cady (pct 25) made a point of information regarding if Dr. Wally would abide by the amended by-laws to which Dr. Wilkerson replied he would consider it.

Paul Gebolys (pct 4) called the question.  James Byers (pct 24) spoke for. Reagan Reed (pct 50) spoke for. Phil Cady (pct 25) spoke against. Russ Shoup spoke and requested confirmation from Dr. Wilkerson regarding adherence to by-laws. Jon Bouche (pct 35) spoke. Brian Crumby (pct 13) spoke for. Adrian Kaiser (pct 66) spoke for. The question was called. 43 present for the vote. The amendments to the by-laws passed; For: 35; Against: 5; Abstained: 3.

Area Chair Election:

Paul Gebolys (pct 4) moved with a second to move the area chair election to the next CEC meeting. The motion passed by a voice vote.


Adjourned at 9:25 pm.

Submitted by Rachel Bingham- MCRP Secretary

4/2/19 CEC Agenda:

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Approval of Minutes

5. Treasurer Reports

6. SREC Reports

7. Committee Reports

8. Add Members to Committees

9.  2020 Victory Committee

10. Bylaw Amendments

11. Area Chair Election

12. New Business

13. Adjourn