Appropriations Hearings Continue

Speaker Bonnen recently announced committee assignments, and I am honored to have been appointed to Appropriations, one of the most important committees affecting Texas state spending. Being on this committee puts House District 15 in a position to influence budget decisions. As a committee, we began meeting right away to gather information on property tax revenue estimates, school funding mechanisms, Medicaid spending, and our border security operations, to name a few.

On Wednesday, Jan. 30, the nonpartisan Legislative Budget Board informed the committee that out of 37,316 eligible government agency contracts, only 14.8% are reported with proper documentation. 85.2% of required vendor performance reviews are not submitted. In total, the value of contracts that are not in compliance with vendor review requirements equals $179.3 billion. Without performance tracking, state agencies are

disregarding state statute and potentially being irresponsible with taxpayer dollars.

Furthermore, state law exempts certain departments and agencies. While there may be good reasons for some exemptions, in the end exemptions and noncompliance inhibit transparency and efficiency; I intend to work with my colleagues to promote accountability and fiscal responsibility.

As always, you are welcome to contact YOUR office with feedback or to schedule a meeting by calling (512) 463-0797. You may contact me directly at (281) 770-7287.