January 2019 Newsletter


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Message from the Chairman

In the interest of fostering a stronger and more unified local GOP, the Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee is proposing an amendment to the bylaws containing the following three changes:
1. The county chairman would be given the authority to call an executive committee meeting on his own, provided he gives 14-day notice and the agenda is voted on and approved by the CEC at the beginning of each meeting. The steering committee or a petition of Precinct Chairs can still call CEC meetings as well.
2. The county chairman would be made the presiding officer over the steering committee. The agenda would require approval by the committee at the beginning of the meeting. The vice chair or a petition of three members would be able to call steering committee meetings as well, and any member can submit agenda items.
3. A provision would be added that no bylaw or rule shall conflict with any of the county chairman's statutory authorities outlined in the Texas Election Code. The current bylaws do not conflict with any of these authorities, but we want to clarify and codify this.
From the beginning, we have fully expected that there would need to be tweaks to the new bylaws every now and then - that's why there is an amendment process. Talking with many Republican activists, it is apparent that these proposals have broad support in the party. We believe this is the right thing to do, regardless of who the chairman is. We should strive to have the best rules possible - who the chairman is at any time is irrelevant. If good ideas are proposed, the steering committee is very reasonable in listening to and implementing them. Besides being the right thing to do, this is also a good faith gesture to those who have been critical of the bylaws, and all sides can find things they like in this amendment. Hopefully it can be a step in the healing process for our party.
This proposal has been submitted to the secretary and will be brought up at the next CEC for referral to Rules Committee. Rules will meet and submit a report to the CEC. The amendment would then need approval from 2/3 of the Precinct Chairs at the next CEC in order to pass.
2020 will be a battle for our state like never before, and we need to spend the time between now and then preparing instead of fighting over bylaws. The state party has already ruled on this: there is no ambiguity. The steering committee will continue to ignore as much as possible those who would seek to divide us and continue moving forward with the great work the party has been doing. As always, the chairman and any others are more than welcome to join us. The time is long past for everyone to unite behind the lawfully adopted bylaws and work towards a strong MCRP in 2020 and beyond!
I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this and look forward to talking with as many Precinct Chairs as possible about it leading up to the next CEC meeting.
Reagan Reed
Vice Chair, Montgomery County Republican Party

Logo Contest

The new logo is still in the works, as we want to ensure it is the best reflection of the Montgomery County Republican Party moving forward. Stay tuned for additional details coming soon.

Swearing-In Ceremony

January 1, 2019 marked the beginning of a new era in Montgomery County, Texas. During the swearing-in ceremony held at Lone Star Convention and Expo Center, 11 elected officials took their oaths of office, including new County Judge Mark Keough and new County Treasurer Melanie Bush.


We would like to introduce you to our new blog. Once a month, a new blog will be posted around the 25th of the month and will cover Republican and conservative thoughts, ideas, opinions, lessons, national and local news. If you have a topic you'd like to see covered or a news blast shoot us an email with this link.   You can view the new blog at https://mcrptx.org/blog/
We love our Party, Montgomery County, and Texas! We value life, liberty, and the pursuit of Republicanism! 
Stay tuned for more great content!!


Committee News

Vacancy Committee

The Vacancy Committee has been busy developing a new system of applying for Precinct Chair vacancies. Here are some items we have accomplished:
  • An online application form "Precinct Chair Vacancy Application" can be accessed at mcgop.online with editable fields and SUBMITTED electronically using this link. These applications go directly to the Vacancy Chair where they are initially vetted to make sure they are indeed Republican voters and live within the boundary lines of the precinct. After a phone conversation, an interview can be scheduled at the next Vacancy Committee meeting. This has been working quite well and we have enjoyed listening to prospective Precinct Chairs share about their experience and why they want to be a Precinct Chair. The committee members ask questions to determine if the candidate is suitable. After the interview, the committee discusses, a motion is made, and we vote on whether to recommend to the entire CEC for a vote.
  • Within the Prospective Precinct Chair online form, the MC bylaws are linked as well as the RPT Platform. We ask candidates to review these to determine their support. We also ask them to agree with each of the RPT Principles by initialing each.
  • Additionally, each prospective Precinct Chair is sent the newly revised "Precinct Chair' Duties" so they are fully informed of what they are committing to. You can view that information with this link.
  • We find that it is also helpful for the Prospective candidate to receive their respective precinct map.
We've had several applications submitted already as well as someone from Harris County! We just forwarded it to the Vacancy Chairman of Harris County.

Proudly serving MCRP,
Allison Winter
Vacancy Chair

Community Engagement Committee

On Saturday, January 26, Karen Darcy-Pawlak, Joan Martin and Paul Gebolys from our Community Engagement Committee attended the graduation celebration for the 40+ students who attended the latest Alliance of New Americans citizenship class. Congratulations to all the graduates. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they take the next step in achieving U.S. citizenship. It was an honor and a privilege to share this inspiring event with them. 
In other news, Bob Bagley is working on getting booths at several upcoming events in Montgomery County for us to meet with members of the community and share our Republican principles and offer voter registration. Bob is also working on setting up a calendar that can be placed on the website where dates and times of these events can be posted. 
Karen Darcy-Pawlak
Community Engagement Chair
If you are a Montgomery County Republican Party Committee Chair with news to share in an upcoming newsletter, we encourage your input.  Click on this link to send an article to be included prior to the 25th of each month.

Precinct News

If you are a Precinct Chair in Montgomery County with news to share in an upcoming newsletter, we encourage your input.  Click on this link to send an article to be included prior to the 25th of each month.

Affiliate Organization News

If your part of a Republican Women, Pachyderm or Young Republican group in Montgomery County which has news to share in an upcoming newsletter, we encourage your input.  Click on this link to send an article to be included prior to the 25th of each month.

Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels of Montgomery County has many opportunities for volunteers interested in helping in a variety of ways.  Reach out to the organization on their website at www.MOWMC.org for additional information.
  • Conroe office on any Tuesday or Friday (10:00-12:00) through their website and Sign-Up Genius link:
  • Help assemble Breakfast Bags
  • Get Breakfast Bags ready for Saturday deliveries
  • Sort dog and cat food to prepare for delivery
  • Volunteers are always needed to deliver Breakfast bags on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month
  • Volunteers are always needed volunteers to deliver Animeals on the 4th Saturday of the month
  • Assistance with mailer going out to stuff envelopes and sorting zip codes, putting labels on, etc.
  • Miles for Meals event on Saturday, February 9
  • Volunteers for Ironman in March
  • Groups to hold their own Breakfast Bag events – They can provide the items and then decorate bags together, assemble them, and roll them and drop them off at our Conroe office. It's an easy and highly effective way to help feed our seniors and they can do it at the location of their choice!
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