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December 2018 MCGOP Newsletter

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Happy New Year!

Message from the Vice Chair

Merry Christmas everyone, and happy New Year!
I hope all of you are enjoying the Christmas break, whether it's spending time with family, following fun traditions, or just enjoying the reprieve from politics.
The political world is a very dark place, and it is easy to get weighed down and cynical when you see so much corruption, backstabbing, lying, and evil at all levels of government. So it's nice to be able to spend time with family and be able to forget about it for a week or so before we go back into battle.
As I listen to classic Christmas songs by the likes of Bing Crosby, Gene Autry, Burl Ives, etc., come home to see the house decked out in lights, and give and receive gifts, I'm pleasantly reminded of the sense of joy and "magic" I often felt as a child this time of year.
I still get that sense of wonder now when I reflect on what we are really celebrating during Christmas. Looking up at the night sky at the stars in all their wonder and majesty is enough to fill one with awe for the First Cause who set the universe in motion: One who must be all the more wonderful and majestic than that which he caused into existence.
Looking up at those very same stars over 2,000 years ago were poor shepherds tending their sheep outside of Bethlehem, when they were visited by angelic beings bringing good news: that God loves us. In fact, he loves us so much that the ruler of the universe himself actually came to earth in human form, born of the virgin Mary.  This man, Jesus Christ, came to give us hope, make things right between us and God, to rescue us from all the evil in the world, and to bring light into the darkness.
As people who follow politics and current events, we certainly need no reminder that the world can be a very dark place, and that the corruption people are capable of knows no end. More government is not the answer, or any other system we can come up with. Jesus is the answer to our problems, if we trust in his sacrifice, repent of our own sins, and follow in his ways. He came so that eventually all things will be made right.
In the meantime, he has left it to us to do his will on earth. "Loving your neighbor as yourself", looking after widows and orphans and those in need, defending the weak, serving the needs of others above your own, and spreading the good news about what Christ has done for us.
Looking towards the next year, let us resolve to live more like Jesus, and to conduct politics more like him. I certainly have fallen short of doing so this year, and will make plenty of mistakes in the next, reminding me to be thankful for God's forgiveness.
And by living out our faith in the public sphere, I don't mean trumpeting out shallow Christian platitudes for political gain, like so many politicians do. I believe there is a special place in hell for politicians who use religion for political gain. I mean faith behind the scenes - trying to live out Christian principles even when it costs us dearly to do so. Not doing something that would compromise our integrity or principle, even if it would be politically expedient to do so. Putting the needs of others before our own, like Jesus did. Being humble in a business that demands self-promotion. Maybe even flipping over tables and chasing corrupt people with a whip if necessary.
We can't do anything about all the evil and suffering in the world, but we can do something about Montgomery County. Let's remember the reason for Christmas year round, and be a light in our community in the coming year.
I wish everyone (even those I disagree with politically) a very happy and prosperous 2019!
Reagan Reed, Vice Chair
Montgomery County Republican Party


Newsletter Naming Contest

Congratulations to Linda Garza Cole, who was the winning submission for the newsletter naming contest!

Logo Contest

Congratulations to Chuck Lewis, who was the winning submission for the new logo contest.  The logo will be undergoing some refining before it is revealed in coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Committee News

Technology Committee

You may have noticed that we are now asking for your cell phone number. As technology changes and the political landscape shifts, conservatives must continually shift with them. You may have heard stories about the "main stream media" blocking and censoring conservative organizations. One of the best ways to combat this assault on our freedom is to utilize methods of communication that they cannot control.
Two of those methods are our mailing lists and text messages. You may have also received "illegal" text message from the Beto campaign! They did that because it works!
In the near future, we will be sending those of you who have not given us your cell number a request to add that information to your profile.  We will not sell this list and will use the text option only as needed. You can also opt out at any time. If you wish to input your cell number now, please click on the button below to update your profile.
In addition, the Montgomery County Republican Party of Texas would like to wish you a happy birthday. To do that, we need to know the month and day of you birth. No silly, we would never ask the year! Since this is new information, we need you to update your profile to add this information if you have already subscribed to our mailing list. Please click the button below to update your profile.

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Affiliate Organization News

Precinct News

Precinct 96

Precinct 96 held its quarterly get-together at a residence in its precinct on December 9th. Because the meeting took place in December, individuals elected to do something more social, a potluck, so they could meet, build relationships and discuss important political issues.  It was a great event!  They look forward to continuing their quarterly precinct meetings in 2019 and hope to bring in elected officials and speakers to meet the constituents in their area.
If your precinct has news to share in an upcoming newsletter, we encourage your input.  Click on this link to send an article to be included prior to the 25th of each month.

Volunteer Opportunities Spotlight

Crisis Assistance Center

Serving Montgomery County since 1981, Community Assistance Center is a non-profit 501c3 social services organization providing basic needs service and long term case management to individuals and families throughout all of Montgomery County who are struggling through times of financial hardships.

Life challenges can happen to all of us such as job loss, separation of households, medical issues and more.  For some people, the financial impact of these events can hinder their ability to provide for the basic care for themselves and their family.  CAC provides essential assistance programs, services and resources to help stabilize their situation during these difficult times initially providing for basic needs and long-term solutions which lead to happier, healthier lives.

CAC relies on community partnerships and support to improve the lives of our neighbors in need.

How can you help?

Your financial support makes an impact!
Monthly recurring donations
One-time monetary donation
Matching gifts – ask your employer if they have a matching gift program
Special events – Sponsorships, individual event tickets, Topgolf teams, Adopt a Duck

Sponsor a Program
What does your donation provide?
$10 Fills a Care Kit for a Homeless Individual
$25 Provides a transportation voucher to a family
$50 Provides Clothing for a Neighbor for 60 Days
$100 Pays for Prescriptions for an Individual (non-narcotic)         
$250 Provides Food Pantry Assistance for 6 Families
$300 Helps Families Keep Their Utilities on for 30 Days
$500 Provides Daycare to 4 Families for a Week
$1,000 Provides Dental Care for 3 Families for a Month
Donations are tax deductible

Contact Kathy Rifaat, Director of Development at via email or 936-494-4412 for more information on how you can support CAC.
In-Kind Donations
Cleaning supplies
Hygiene Items
**Current needs are listed on the CAC website.

To schedule a furniture donation pick up please contact us via email or 936-494-4403.
Donations are accepted at CAC located at 1022 McCall Avenue, Conroe, TX  77301. 
Monday – Friday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Donation receipts are available
Host a Collection Drive
Food or other supplies
NEW Socks and Undies
Store gift cards
Homeless Care Kit supplies (Visit our website for complete list)
"Good for the Sole" Shoe Drive
"Wrapped in Warmth" Coats and Gloves Drive
Volunteers are essential to the success of our programs.
Individual and group volunteer opportunities are available.
Unique Resale Shop-
Donation sorting
Assist with voucher program
Sales floor / merchandise organizing
Food Pantry –
Sort and stock donations
Assist with voucher program
Assemble homeless care kits
Saturday food markets
For more information on Volunteer Opportunities please contact us via email.

Upcoming Events

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Other News

Photos from the Christmas Party on December 20th


Toastmasters is an international organization that teaches and promotes public speaking.

As political activists giving a good speech is one of our most important skills. 
I am proposing a closed club; open only to Republicans that reside in Montgomery County, TX.

This will provide a politically friendly atmosphere in which to hone or skills.

Starting a new club requires 20 charter members. If you are interested, please contact Bill Brenza via email or 832-633-0724.

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Montgomery County is one of the few suburban counties in Texas that held the line for Republicans from Ted Cruz right down the ballot to the judges.

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