Representative Will Metcalf

I hope everyone has enjoyed the beginning of fall. Election season is upon us again. Election day will fall on Tuesday, November 5th of this year, and like all other elections, there will be many voting options. Early voting in-person will begin on October 21st and will run through November 1st. If you are able to vote by mail, you can apply for a mail in ballot until October 25th, and it must be received by November 5th.

Among local matters, potential state constitutional amendments will make up a large portion of the ballot. These amendments have already passed the Legislature during this 86th Legislative Session. Now they must be ratified by the voters of Texas for them to become law. Here are the propositions for you to vote on to amend the State's Constitution with the actual ballot language and a brief description of each:

Representative Will Metcalf Sept 2019

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer and has been able to stay cool in these hottest months of the year. Now that our children are returning to school, the weather will hopefully begin to change as we make our way into fall. Fall also brings election season, and while we are not voting for big-ticket items like the President or Governor, there are some very important constitutional amendments to the Texas Constitution that are present on the ballot. Every Legislative Session lawmakers propose amendments to the state's constitution. Once those amendments pass the Legislature they must be approved by the voters in a statewide election. The election will take place on November 5th of this year.

The Uniform

There’s a saying that a soldier brings home more than just his uniform. My father was a WWII vet, fought at the Battle of the Bulge, married my mother after the fact, even served in Korea. Even as a child—6thout of 7 mind you—I knew that something was a bit . . . off. PTSD wasn’t a thing then, although the term “shell shock” was wearing off. Soldiers were meant to hang up their uniform in the closet, close the door, and pick up right where they left off.

Except, they didn’t.

 I think Vietnam brought us that revelation. With the addition of war trauma, these men had to come home to even worse liberals than what we have now (if that is possible.) Horrible names and accusations were hurled at them. They had to face their own demons on top of the home demons.

Reaching out

We live in the greatest country in the world, and in the greatest time that has ever existed. Many sacrifices have been made in order to achieve this, from veterans to religious people seeking a refuge to live their beliefs in a land that was designed by God for this very privilege.

So anyone who attempts to sell or buy the bill of goods known as socialism has only two things lacking: education and gratitude.

Bernie Sanders, a 2020 Democratic candidate, is one of those people who is aggressively attempting to sway people to this very notion, that socialism would be better for us and our country if we could only embrace the idea of Government providing for us,essentially replacing God. And why not? Doesn’t it sound so easy? Free education and healthcare with little work and no strings attached. Equality for all! Except, for those who have studied and know a bit more history, know that socialism has never really worked. Eventually, you run out of other people’s money. Just look at the challenges we are now facing with one aspect of just one government controlled service:

The Truest Lie

I just finished saying goodbye to my 4-month-old granddaughter—a cherubic face and a smile that ignites grace in the soul of anyone who happens to catch her eye. Her presence means a bit more to us because of the challenges her mother went through to bring her life.

I remember well the sacrifices my daughter made as she chose to conceive, carry, and give birth to that little girl. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and difficult times for nearly every day throughout and up until the actual birth. 

She exercised her choice (yes—that word again) and gave birth to a healthy little girl who has brought joy into everyone’s life, more joy than anyone could previously conceive ahead of time. 


Each conversation about abortion sends a sharp pain to my heart. Bringing about life is one of the rare times that we, as humans, are able to co-create with God.

My heart hurts not just because the New York legislation has allowed late-term abortions—they weren’t even the first or the last state to do so.

 It’s not just that the law makers blatantly and shockingly broke into applause as they did so as well as lit up the World Trade Center in celebration—pink, reminiscent of the pink baby afghans I crocheted for all 5 of my newborn granddaughters.

February 11, 2019 Will Metcalf  State Representative HD-16 

February 11, 2019 Will Metcalf   State Representative HD-16 

It is tradition in our country that the executive branch of government occasionally addresses and provides updates to the legislative branch. On Tuesday, February 5th we witnessed this annual occasion with President Trump's State of the Union Address. Here in Texas, we have a similar tradition every other year when the Governor will speak before the members of the House and Senate to provide updates and present his priorities for the Legislative Session. This biennial speech is known as the State of the State Address.

Appropriations Hearings Continue

Appropriations Hearings Continue

Speaker Bonnen recently announced committee assignments, and I am honored to have been appointed to Appropriations, one of the most important committees affecting Texas state spending. Being on this committee puts House District 15 in a position to influence budget decisions. As a committee, we began meeting right away to gather information on property tax revenue estimates, school funding mechanisms, Medicaid spending, and our border security operations, to name a few.

Representative Steve Toth (R-Conroe) introduced HB 1437 today that would create an additional judicial district in Montgomery County.

Representative Steve Toth (R-Conroe) introduced HB 1437 today that would create an additional judicial district in Montgomery County.

"If you look at the data, compared to other counties with similar populations such as Fort Bend and Williamson counties, Montgomery County is facing higher civil, family, and felony caseloads with fewer judicial courts," Rep. Toth said.

At a Montgomery County Commissioners Court meeting last November, court administrator Nathan Jensen presented a resolution from the County's district and county court judges calling for the additional court. The Commissioners Court supported the resolution.

Will Metcalf  State Representative HD-16 

Will Metcalf   State Representative HD-16 

We never want to think it could happen here. We always want to believe that we are somehow immune. That is human nature with most tragic events. Following the horrific school shootings in Parkland and Santa Fe almost one year ago, Texans can no longer hide behind these illusions. As the father of two young daughters in the public school system and husband to a former schoolteacher, I never want to look back and ask myself what I could have done as a legislator to help protect my loved ones and yours. With over five million students in public schools throughout our great state, school safety has to be a priority for our districts.

Meeting that took place yesterday between MCRP Chairman Wilkerson, and Precinct Chairs Mark Frank, Charlie Parada, and Paul Gebolys

Hey Everyone,

I have been asked to comment on a meeting that took place yesterday between MCRP Chairman Wilkerson, and Precinct Chairs Mark Frank, Charlie Parada, and Paul Gebolys. Well, there is really not much to say about it. Anyone can meet anywhere and at any time since this is a free country and all. Whatever was discussed is pretty much irrelevant with regards to changing the rules of our party. There is a process for that and we will follow that process. If someone wants to submit an amendment to the bylaws to the CEC for consideration, then it will be handled in accordance with the rules of our party just as it should be.

Also, I watched the video of that meeting and a few things jumped out at me. First, I noted that Charlie Parada is still pushing this idea that bylaws require a 2/3 vote to be adopted at a biennial organizational meeting. Since this has been explained to him over and over and he just simply refuses to accept the truth, I will just chalk this up to being “un-learnable” for him. For everyone else who is capable of reading and comprehending the law and the party rules, this matter has already been settled so no further comment is needed.

I also noted that Mr. Parada and Chairman Wilkerson stated that they would be “willing to accept the new bylaws” IF the bylaws were changed to what they want them to be. You know, I just have to say that I find it a special, and disturbing, kind of arrogance for someone to believe that just because they don’t accept the truth, it is no longer the truth and that their “acceptance” of the truth can be used as some sort of bargaining chip. The attitude displayed by those statements alone is a ringing endorsement for the new bylaws.

Finally, the debate about the bylaws is over and we have moved forward in modernizing the party, energizing the party and uniting the party just as we promised. We had a very successful November election cycle with hundreds of volunteers reaching out to thousands and thousands of voters and getting them to the polls. We were able to do this despite our Chairman and his followers effectively boycotting our election efforts and even forming a PAC to work against us. We are not interested in going backwards and we will continue to build upon our efforts to keep Montgomery County “Red”. We deeply appreciate the support that we have received and we welcome everyone to participate in the effort to preserve our way of life here in Montgomery County. You can find out more information about how to get involved at

May God bless each and every one of you and I look forward to working with you to keep our county “Red” in 2020 and for future generations.

Jon P. Bouche
Precinct 35 Chairman and Steering Committee Member

January 2019 Newsletter

Message from the Chairman

In the interest of fostering a stronger and more unified local GOP, the Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee is proposing an amendment to the bylaws containing the following three changes:
1. The county chairman would be given the authority to call an executive committee meeting on his own, provided he gives 14-day notice and the agenda is voted on and approved by the CEC at the beginning of each meeting. The steering committee or a petition of Precinct Chairs can still call CEC meetings as well.

Truth and Unity

In the national news we witnessed the 46thannual March for Life, are encouraged to send brick gifts for Nancy, and are waiting to see who will blink first in the government shutdown: Dems or Don.

 Some takeaways for Montgomery County voters and members to think about from this auspicious beginning to 2019:

 Can we really change truth? Not long ago we had moved from a “Big T” Truth to a “little t” truth, and casually merged into a full-blown “alternative facts” rule-of-thumb. We’ve morphed from “illegal aliens” to “undocumented immigrants”, from “life” to a “non-human” (that just happens to have a heartbeat.) Border solutions seem to also have taken a “small t” turn, thinking and naively hoping that a political shield is all the security one needs.

 Our judicial system is unapologetically peeking under the blindfold of justice while marching glibly to the tune of the pied piper of politics

 I’ve been reading George Washington’s last circular letterto the states and his emphasizing the need for unity in our nation. He wisely noted, “. . . if their Citizens should not be completely free and happy, the fault will be entirely their own.” He goes on to challenge these same citizens, to either be happy or miserable; that we as a nation have been given a great gift and our security and happiness depends upon our conduct: “whether they will be respectable and prosperous, or contemptible and miserable as a Nation.”

 He continues with a list of four things that are essential to this well-being. Number four is what caught my attention:

“The prevalence of that pacific and friendly Disposition, among the People of the United States, which will induce them to forget their local prejudices and policies, to make those mutual concessions which are requisite to the general prosperity, and in some instances, to sacrifice their individual advantages to the interest of the Community.”

Security is at its biggest threat not when there is disagreement or alternative solutions, but infighting and disunity. A blatant disregard for laws—of our country, state, county, or party—will leave us weak and confused about where to go and who the real enemy is: blurring and attempting to erase truth.

 Let’s take a beat, inhale this good ole’ Texas air, and see what we are doing to serve our sweet Montgomery county, how we can “forget [our] personal prejudices and policies,” working for a general prosperity.  We can laugh at the tit-for-tat back and forth between Nan and Don, but their eye for an eye philosophy will eventually leaves us all blind. 

 We don’t have to hold hands and sing Kumbaya, but must to get back to the basics of law, constitutional integrity, and community prosperity. 

 Stay strong Montgomery County,2019 will be our best year yet.